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The Plzeň office was founded in 2005. The purpose of its actions is to perform the organization's activities in the Plzeň Region within 10 administrative districts. The primary goal of the local office is to provide social integration services to people in adverse living conditions. Furthermore, it undertakes educational projects, information services and cultural activities for the public. In Plzeň it also organizes the One World Film Festival.

The Plzeň office workers help people in different social situations and support almost 1,000 people every year. "People seek our services mostly in connection with a debt problem," the director of the local office Aleš Kavalír specifies. The workers also help in areas such as job placement, dealing with labour law and labour relations, applying for state social benefits, submitting various requests, dealing with housing as well as family issues, etc. A separate programme is devoted to legal counselling in criminal and contravention proceedings. Additional activities of the local office include prevention activities, especially information campaigns. "The organization strives to create awareness, for example, of the practices of some companies active in this area that result in further deterioration in the living conditions of vulnerable people," Kavalír says.

The Plzeň office also tries to do both – to participate in formulating the regional social policy and also to cooperate with the local authorities. "Within this cooperation, we have, for example, updated the analysis of the socially excluded communities in the area which was requested by the Plzeň Region," the Office Director says.

Currently, the delivery of social integration services to people and families in adverse living conditions is at the core of our activities. In addition, the local office workers organize a number of educational trainings and run information projects. Last but not least, for the third consecutive year it has organized the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Plzeň.

"In cooperation with local organizations and institutions, we strive to participate in the creation of a social environment that gives equal chances for social advancement even to people who, for whatever reason, live on the periphery," Aleš Kavalír concludes.

In Plzeň we provide the following services:

  • debt counselling
  • field social programmes
  • legal counselling in criminal and contravention proceedings
  • probation and re-socialization programmes
  • training and seminars
  • geocaching: educational projects using GPS

You can get more information on particular services from Aleš Kavalír, the Plzeň Office Director (


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One World Film Festival

The One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, organized by People in Need, is currently the largest documentary festival on human rights in the world.