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Liberec is one of the smaller regions in the Czech Republic that is not afflicted with high unemployment rate or a great extent of poverty. Despite the fact, there are several locations that are worth attention as there are people in need of help with their livelihood problems. The region is characterized by mountainous countryside and its history of the former Sudetenland and the social problems developing from this background.

The People in Need Organization in Liberec with its Social Integration Programmes was established in 2002 when several field workers started operating there. First, we provided our services in such places like the municipalities of Chrastava, Mimoň, Liberec and Nové Město pod Smrkem.  From the beginning, it was apparent that only field programmes are insufficient for the population of the region, so we tried to expand them.  In 2009 we started working in the town of Hrádek nad Nisou and its surroundings, in 2010 we launched operation in Česká Lípa municipality and towns and villages in the Frýdlant Corner (Frýdlant, Bulovka, Hejnice; Raspenava, Mníšek u Liberce, Višňová, etc.). So far, the last area, where we offer our services, is the municipality of Ralsko.

What is more, we expanded field social work for individuals and families by educational projects such as supporting education in families, careers guidance and pre-school clubs. Finally, we also offer services within our low-threshold club for the youth.

Our major aim is to identify and assist people who have found themselves in adverse living conditions and who are not able to work out a solution on their own. Our clients often live in inadequate housing conditions and poverty. They are not able to find the way out of the situation themselves. Therefore, our task is to accompany the clients on their way and offer them consultation, support and valuable human contact. At the same time, we are trying to solve their problems at the system level, create methodology brochures for other professional colleagues and join the community planning. In 2012, there were 20 employees working in our branch, who served about 600 clients.

In Liberec we provide the following services:

-         field social work

-         social activation services for families with children

-         low-threshold facility for children and the youth

-         support of education in families

-         careers guidance

-         employment counselling

-         pre-school club

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