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The Chomutov District still has to cope with the consequences of massive industrialization carried out at the times of socialism. Back then, at the beginning of the 1990s, when the operation of environmentally harmful industrial works ceased, a huge number of employees was made redundant in the whole of the present Ústí nad Labem Region.

During the socialist era, many of the people who came to North Bohemia to find a job there, in most cases a job that did not require any special qualifications, found themselves in poverty when the wave of redundancies had receded. Suddenly, individuals as well as whole families were living on the margins of society, thus becoming disadvantaged by social exclusion.

As these particular people found themselves in a difficult social situation, they represent the major part of the clients that we have been assisting in Chomutov since 2002. Employment, housing, debts and education are the basic topics we deal with most frequently when working with the clients in our Chomutov office. Currently, in Chomutov we are providing social work, careers guidance, education and tutoring in families, occasional leisure activities for children and the youth, and we are also running a pre-school club. Since June 2013, the range of the services offered has been extended by the primary drug prevention programme in the mountain town of Vejprty. All the services are free of charge.

An equally important part of our work comprises communication and negotiations with local authorities, schools and other NGOs. We strive to enhance the communication by participating in the working groups within the Chomutov Partnership, Partnership for the Family, regular meetings with social workers on the premises of the Chomutov City Council and so forth. We cooperate with the Probation and Mediation Service of the Czech Republic (PMS) as well. We offer the clients of the PMS an opportunity carry out their duty of community service.

In Chomutov we provide the following services:

  • social work
  • careers guidance
  • pre-school club
  • support for education and tutoring in families
  • “Mezi panely” – housing estate rehabilitation programme
  • “Inspiration Sachsen“ cross-border cooperation
  • primary drug prevention

You can get more information on particular services from the Chomutov Office Director Markéta Dolejší (


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