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Bílina is a town located in the north-western Bohemia between the cities of Most and Teplice. Currently, the town has approximately 16,000 inhabitants. Most of the people live in the newly constructed housing estates called U Nového nádraží, Za Chlumem, and Pražské předměstí I and II. These people work mostly in the surrounding mines, power station, glassworks and other similar plants.

According to the Analysis on the Socially Excluded Roma Communities and the Absorption Capacity of the Bodies in the Area, conducted by GAC Company, there have been two communities in Bílina identified as socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion which are located in the Důlní locality (so-called ‘Refuge House’) and in the housing estate Teplické předměstí. 

The office in Bílina was established in July 2005 when People in Need were providing field social work and social integration counselling there within the POLIS project aimed at social integration. Currently, our office in Bílina has got 13 employees, who provide services related to field social work, manage a low-threshold facility for children and the youth, we also offer educational support, pre-school preparation, mothers club, debt counselling, careers guidance and employment counselling, or motivation and support activities for the youth. Furthermore, we promote cooperative partnership and offer expert counselling to the municipal authorities and other institutions in the field of social integration. There are also 10 volunteers working in the Bílina office, primarily from the surrounding secondary schools and vocational colleges.

By offering these services we endeavour to deal with the issues in the field of education, safety and prevention of socially pathological phenomena, employment, and housing. Apart from providing the above-mentioned services, the employees of PIN’s Bílina office cooperate with all the other important bodies in the town, including the municipal authorities and its particular departments, representatives of the Teplice Labour Office, the directors and other employees of the Bílina schools, representatives of the Probation and Mediation Service in Teplice, and others. The employees of the office take part in the town planning and strategic processes including, e.g. community planning or Local Partnership.

Last but not least, the office employees have participated in making several analyses and publications, e.g. Social Discrimination in the Spotlight, the Analysis of Teachers’ Individual Approach to Children with Special Educational Needs developed for the Ministry of Education, or The (Un)Invited.

In Bílina we provide the following services:

  • field social work
  • pre-school club
  • mothers club
  • debt counselling
  • careers guidance
  • low-threshold facility for children and the youth
  • motivation and support activities for the youth

You can get more information on particular services from the Bílina Office Director Zdeněk Svoboda. (


  Břežánská 49/2
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Petra Hauptmanová

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Coordinator of social services

Jan Vašat
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Jana Bašková

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Nikola Ulrichová

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Anna Škrípalová

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Jiřina Hadrávková

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Zuzana Tomičová

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Nikola Petrlíková

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Alex Marek Vimrů

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Kristýna Volfová

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Petra Štědroňová

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Veronika Bednářová

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Lenka Zajícová

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