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Our Social Integration Programmes are active in 60 towns in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The One World in Schools, One World Film Festival, the Variants Programme, the Migration Awareness and Rozvojovka programmes are also run in Czech Republic and administered from our Prague headquarters. At the beginning of June 2013, Czech Republic was hit by severe floods. We started a public collection to help the afflicted families and households. For more information about our flood intervention, look at our page SOS Floods 2013 (in Czech).


Social Integration Programmes - Czech offices:


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Člověk v tísni, o. p. s.
Šafaříkova 635/24
120 00 Praha 2

IČ: 25 75 52 77
DIČ: CZ 25 75 52 77
E-mail: mail@clovekvtisni.cz
Tel: +420 226 200 400

Tel.: +420 222 350 811
Tel.: +420 777 787 943

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Tel.: 226 200 439

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One World Film Festival

The One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, organized by People in Need, is currently the largest documentary festival on human rights in the world.