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Civil Society & Good Governance

Sri Lanka in brief

Capital: Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte (official and legislature)
Area: 65,610 km2
Population: 21,283,913

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Apart from destructed infrastructure, decades of conflict in Sri Lanka hampered the local government playing its assigned roles and responsibilities in delivery of development services. Furthermore, the conflict has weakened links between state and non-state actors and undermined citizen’s trust and confidence in the local authorities.

With the end of the war, the local government bodies began to re-establish themselves again but the needs to support better and more predictable access to key services with special attention to transparency and accountability remain high. The citizens very often lack even the basic awareness of what services their local government authorities can provide and the communication and interaction between these two sides is predominantly at very low level.

Therefore, PIN supported capacity development of local authorities (Pradeshiya Sabhas and Municipal/Urban Councils) in order to deliver better public services, include public society in decision-making processes and adopt good governance principles such as transparency, accountability, equity and participation at local authority and community level. The People in Need’s activities supporting the development of civil society are as well targeted on the citizens who returned to their original residence areas and work on renewing their livelihoods. The returnees are not used to participating in the decision-making processes and communicating with local authorities about public affairs. The establishment of well-functioning public services contributes to the more efficient recovery of the communities.

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Facts and Figures



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